Investment and Property Management Services

Do you have an investment or rental property in the Knoxville, TN or surrounding areas? Maximize the return on your investment and time with professional property management from The Shotwell Team – Realty Executives Associates. Wesley Shotwell started The Shotwell Team’s property management business in 2011 and has grown it to managing over 100 Knoxville area properties. Whether it is a single family home, condo, or a multi-family unit, The Shotwell Team can help you eliminate the stress and hassle of personally managing investment properties while maximizing your returns. We offer a full suite of investment property services, shown below.

  • Renting Your Property
    • Professional Marketing – our team will ensure your rental is marketed to the exact type of renters you are looking for. We accomplish this with a customized digital marketing strategy that ensures your rental listing is available on all of the most popular rental sites and publications, including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Facebook, Craigslist & More.
    • Tenant Screening – Our experience in the property management business has shown us that they key to maximizing the return on your investment is choosing the right tenant. To ensure the best fit, we screen all potential tenants. This includes initial contact screening to understand what they are seeking is appropriate for your property, rental application, background checks, credit checks, rental references, and tenant interviews.
    • Lease Creation & Management – The Shotwell Team will handle the creation and management of all lease documents. These documents will be available to all owners via paper copy or online via our Owner Portal.
  • On-going Management
    • Professional Accounting – Every property managed by The Shotwell Team receives professional accounting services from a local area CPA Firm at no additional cost. This service ensures all credits and debits related to your rental property and correctly recorded, contractor and related invoices are paid on time, and owner distributions are paid correctly and on schedule. All of our owners receive monthly and year end statements for their properties. Owners will also be able to check the status and leger of your rental in real time via the online owner portal.
    • Repair & Maintenance Management – The Shotwell Team will manage all repair requests for your properties. Tenants will be able to call our office or place a maintenance request online. Depending your desired level of involvement, we will handle contacting the appropriate repair/maintenance provider, ensure the repair has been completed, and process payment to the vendor on your behalf.
    • Rent Collection – The Shotwell Team will handle the collection of all rents. Tenants have the option or mail, drop off, or make payments online via electronic check or credit card. Our online portal will also allow tenants to setup a recurring draft to pay their rent. If tenants do not pay their rent by the due date, we handle all necessary activities required to collect the late rent.
    • Online Tenant & Owner Portals – All properties are managed via our online platform, which includes access for both tenants and owners.
      • Tenants – all tenants will have access to the tenant portal to view their current balance due, make payments (one time or recurring) via Check or Credit Card), request maintenance, and obtain details about their current lease.
      • Owners – all owners will also have access to an owner portal where they can see each of their properties, tenant information, current leger for each property, status of maintenance requests, and more.
  • Other Services
    • Evictions – Unfortunately, evictions are sometimes a reality of property management. If the need arises, The Shotwell Team will work with an attorney of your choosing (or we are happy to recommend one) to begin the eviction process and see it through to completion, including physical move-out of the tenant with local law enforcement.
    • Rental Turnover – Once a tenant has moved out, we will inspect the property and manage any necessary repairs and cleaning to ensure the property is ready for a new tenant.
    • Property Sale & Purchase 
      • Sale – Should you decide to sell your investment property, we offer full seller representation and marketing services. Our digital marketing services are proven to sell homes faster and for more money. Our large client base of existing investors also allows us to quickly find another investor for your property should you want to sell your property mid-lease or are seeking a cash sale or quick closing.
      • Purchase – For our owners and investors who are seeking to add properties to their portfolio, we offer full representation in your search for a new property. We will provide advice and guidance on picking the best investment for your portfolio based on your goals.

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Contact The Shotwell Team for a free investment & rental property consultation by calling/texting Wesley Shotwell at 865-621-4796 or fill out the contact for on this page!

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